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MGA Preschool Classes

Come learn and have fun with us! Our classes are designed for boys and girls ages 2 and 3, and are one hour long. During the class, students will have the opportunity to develop both physical and cognitive skills on a variety of equipment. For added support, we require that a parent or guardian accompany their child on the floor to assist with the activities led by our experienced instructor. Join us for a fun and rewarding learning experience!

Preschool Equipment

  • miniature gymnastics equipment

  • mats, barrels and blocks

  • trampolines

Skills Learned in Preschool Classes

  • coordination

  • basic gymnastics skills

  • social skills

  • balance and strength

  • overcoming fears

Preschool Class Information

Class Length: 1 hour
Cost: Starting at $82/mo*
  • athletic t-shirt and shirts that the child can move around easily in

  • girls may wear leotards

  • no jeans or restrictive clothing

  • no shoes (socks are okay; parents may wear shoes)

Preschool Class Information


*Classes start at $82 per month, per child for 1 class per week. Price does not include annual fee of $30. Click on the link above for more pricing options.

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