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Boys Gymnastics

Our Boys Champs Program is perfect for young boys interested in learning gymnastics. This class covers a range of fundamental skills and routines on the four events - bars, beam, floor, and vault - as well as flexibility and strength training. Boys in the Champs program will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in our in gym competitions throughout the year that occur in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Champs Boys Gymnastics Equipment

  • Floor (spring floor)
  • Mushroom
  • Rings
  • Vault (stacked mats with a spring board at this level)
  • Parallel Bars
  • High Bar
  • trampolines, mats and lots of other equipment to assist with learning

Skills Learned in Boys Gymnastics Classes

  • USA Gymnastics JO level 1 routines on all events
  • proper gymnastics fundamentals and techniques
  • flexibility and balance
  • strength and coordination
  • overcoming fears and goal-setting skills
  • discipline and proper social skills
  • treating others with kindness and respect

Boys Gymnastics Class Information

Class Length: 1 hour
Cost: Starting at $82/mo* (click menu below for all pricing options)
  • athletic clothing (nothing that will restrict movement, like jeans)
  • hair longer than shoulder-length pulled up
  • no jewelry or dangling earrings (posts are okay)
  • no shoes (sock are okay)
  • no gum

MGA Showcase Competitions

At MGA we host seasonal in-gym showcase competitions, where students get to show off what they've been learning in class and get a chance to compete for awards! Each competition has a special theme and is designed to be a fun and positive experience for students. For more information about our showcase competitions on our interactive member site, CLICK HERE.

Boys Gymnastics Class Information


*Classes start at $82 per month, per child for 1 class per week. Price does not include annual fee of $30. Click on the link above for more pricing options.

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