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Cross Training

About the Program

Our MGA Cross Training class is a coach-led group workout. Closely following the Crossfit methodology, our program centers around constantly varied functional movements performed at relative to high intensity. This means workouts will vary every day and include various movements designed to challenge different skill sets of the athlete. Whether your a High-school football player or a grandfather looking to improve his golf game, our workouts can be customized to fit your needs. 

Program Objective

Our program aims to build the overall fitness level of our athletes by increasing work capacity. To put it simply, work capacity should be thought of as how much weight you can move, how far you can move it, and how fast you can move it that distance. By tracking performance and results over a period of time, we are able to accurately see how our work capacity is increasing and how are fitness is improving. 

Who is this class for?

This class is for everyone! We refer to everyone in class as athletes because we are all athletes! As such it's our belief that we should all train as athletes. While improving things such as speed, power, flexibility and coordination is seen as important for competitive athletes, it should be equally as important for everyone. Want to keep your joints healthier for longer? Want to decrease your risk of heart disease? Want to feel better in your everyday life? Train like an athlete. 


  • Learn new skills 
  • Get Stronger and increase power
  • Improve mobility and flexibility 
  • Improve Balance and coordination 
  • Make new friends 
  • Run faster / farther 
  • Develop mental toughness and confidence

Class Structure 

  • Dynamic warm up
  • Coach lead Technique session focusing around our strength movement for the day
  • Group Workout 
  • Stretch and Mobility session 

Coach Info: 

Name: Sam Dwenger
Age: 25
Hometown: Columbus, Indiana 
Credentials: CF-L2
Experience: 3 years class instructor 
5 years Personal training